Love Where You Live: Community Clean-Up 7

Love Where You Live: Community Clean-Up 7


In anticipation of World Clean-up Day, Love Where You Live volunteers hosted a clean-up at the Bengal Street Park in Laudium on Saturday, 21 July 2018.

Volunteers from Laudium and surrounding areas got together to clean the park of litter as well as clear up the dumping spot that was growing rapidly in the corner of the park. 28 bags of garbage were filled with nappies, tin cans, hair, old clothing, plastic bags and general household waste, some of which was buried deep underneath the soil. These items take hundreds and thousands of years to decompose and may contain harmful and toxic pollutants that can impact the soil. In the years to come, this contaminated soil will spread throughout the park – a place where children are meant to play and create memories that last a lifetime.

Many times community members feel disheartened that we attempts to restore the cleanliness and in turn the “happiness” of the spaces we clean, are all in vain because those individuals that litter and dump are relentless in their quest to get rid of their garbage in public spaces. However, we believe that serving the Earth and our actions towards Mother Nature hold greater value than if we were to rather sit back and complain about the issues we face. As one volunteer said, “We love our environment and where we live, so we will do anything to make it better for all of us.” This is the kind of spirit that builds strong communities – an unwavering drive and passion to make a difference.

The next community clean-up will take place on Saturday, 18 August 2018 and the highly anticipated World Clean-up Day will be taking place on Saturday, 15 September 2018. Make sure to save these dates and to watch this space for further details so that you too can join us in giving a little bit of love back to our precious environment.

Love Where You Live is a project of the International Association for Human Values (IAHV).


Photos captured by: Nomaan Hazarvi


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