14 year old Muneer Kola (Jalalpor) completes memorization of the Holy Quraan

14 year old Muneer Kola (Jalalpor) completes memorization of the Holy Quraan

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Those who have been chosen by Allah Ta’ala as a means to protect and safeguard His pure Book are extremely fortunate indeed.

Moulana Yusuf Abed said, “This young man has been blessed with an amazing ability as far as Hifdh is concerned. A few years ago I was listening to him and he faltered twice, he didn’t make a mistake, he faltered... which never happened before... He faltered because he fell and had a concussion earlier that day. That was the only time in his entire hifdh career that I know of where he got stuck... The reason why I’m sharing this, is to inspire the rest of us.”

“Congratulations to Hafez Muneer Kola (Jalalpor) on completing the memorization of the Holy Quraan. He reads beautifully. We are proud of him” Yusuf Abramjee.

Laudium Today congratulates young Hafidh Muneer on completing Hifdh. May Allah (swt) bless him, his parents and his teacher Moulana Zaheer Patel for this accomplishment. May Allah (swt) preserve the Quran in his heart till his last breath.

Hafidh Muneer led Musallees in his first ever Taraweeh at an Eldo Thorns Estate last year.

Hafidh Muneer is the son of Muhammad Reyaaz Kola and Zainub Abdulla, grandson of Late Suliman (Solly) Abdulla Jalalpor who had served in the Burial committees of Laudium for many years. His great grandfather Omar Jalalpor was one of the founders of the Pretoria North Educational Institute.

Some years ago, Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi congratulated the young TMS learner after he delivered a powerful speech on the history of the ANC.


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