3 Ambulances for Gaza #LemonAid

08 June 2021   •   ~2 min read

By Salaam Foundation

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatu

Just a few weeks ago, as the suffering of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the West Bank reached new heights, an idea was born. As justice loving South Africans many of us were appalled. The bombs rained down and an appeal was sent out from the children of Gaza to the children of South Africa. As a result, the Salaam Foundation #LemonAid campaign for ambulances and other basic necessities came to fruition.

Children, supported by their parents, teachers, siblings and guardians rallied to their #LemonAid stands and popped up all across our beautiful land. At close to R1 million per ambulance, it was a monumental task ahead. As the days passed and contributions began to come in, slowly but surely, we saw the final destination ahead.

One ambulance took form and we believed we had reached our goal. And then a second began to flicker in the distance and we realised the power of the children and the brightness of the future. As we waltzed into this last weekend we concluded on an amazing three ambulances fully funded.

The best part of it all is that there is some change left to spare. As Salaam Foundation we have engaged with our implementation partners and they have identified a number of possible ways to contribute towards the reconstruction phase in Gaza that has now started. Thousands of people have lost homes and basic survival items such as pots, pans, stoves and other living utensils. We will help here as well, insha Allah.

Salaam Foundation, as an organisation focused on sustainable development, has also requested that some of the funding be used in the distraught farming communities of Gaza. In this way we will expand the funds that have come in over and above the funding for three ambulances, to sustainable growth and food production.

We want to thank all who have participated. From the small donor to the largest donor. From youngest to the oldest. We have exceeded our own expectations and have even been given the opportunity to assist in ways we had not envisioned from the start. May you all be truly rewarded and may you always be part of the Salaam Foundation family.


Azhar Vadi – Director

Fatima Sookharia - Director

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