Abramjee siblings develop health immune booster tonic

Abramjee siblings develop health immune booster tonic

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Siblings from a local school have developed a health immune booster tonic to aid and naturally build up your immune system as well as fight off the nasty virus you might have already contracted. The grade 5 and grade 3 learners from the Tshwane Muslim School Ameera 11 and her younger brother Ameer Abramjee utilized their spare time during the lockdown to research and experiment on a health tonic containing the potent Curcumin ingredient from the Turmeric root.

They were inspired by a social media post from a Hawaii @mauitonics family making a Turmeric tonic. This is a beautiful and amazing collaboration between love and nature.
From early March they sprung into action growing the ingredients from seeds and roots on their grandfathers farm outside Pretoria. Once the seedlings were planted they continued to design a label, had it printed after several visits to a local printer. They then sourced the correct container and chose to stick to glass to capture the true flavor of the tonic. 

This week after five months of naturing their plants they are excited as the fruits of their hard work will materialize InshaAllah ( God willing ). There are ready to cold press the ingredients to make their tonic. 
The main ingredient is a fresh Turmeric root which contains the Curcumin. Curcumin could inactivate certain viruses, a new drift has shown. The bright yellow orange spice has seen a rise in consumer demand over the years. Thanks to it’s scientifically proven health benefits. A compound found in this versatile spice known a Curcumin may also help to eliminate certain viruses. This is according to a recent study published in the journal of general virology. 

Other ingredients include organic fresh ginger root, organic carrots, lemon, pineapple and apple to enhance the flavor and is packed with vitamins.  

Turmeric is an amazing anti inflammatory detox boosting spice that you definitely want to be part of your day to day health routine. 

Ameera and Ameer has the following request for residents. “ Make your Turmeric tonic the most important and boost your day ....”  100ml or 4 oz is all you need and a recommended dose for both adults and children. 
Turmeric and ginger has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes and have numerous health benefits. 
“Our tonic is also awesomely delicious”, claimed these scholars. 

Other benefits of the tonic include
* Immune support 
* Anti inflammatory 
*digestive health
*skin health 
*major benefit for your body and brain 
*Helps with arthritis 
Two sizes, a 250ml and a 750ml glass bottle will be available for sale from Saturday the 26th of September. Deliveries locally for all orders over R100,00 and collection for all orders under R100,00

The launch price will be R35,00 for the 250ml and R80,00 for the 750ml.

For orders, contact 082 259 4263


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