Blu Blood Global welcomes Bollywood Star Neha Sharma to UK IPLSOCCER team

Blu Blood Global welcomes Bollywood Star Neha Sharma to UK IPLSOCCER team

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International entertainment giants, Blu Blood Global, have announced buying a stake in the IPLSOCCER team, Birmingham Challengers. Blu Blood Global now welcomes on board, Bollywood superstar, Neha Sharma, as a team co-owner, in partnership with UK artist’s H Dhami, Bambi Bains and Juggy D.
IPLSOCCER is a 'celebrity-owned' seven-a-side indoor football tournament that is taking place in the UK during June 2020.  This annual event will be the first UK-Asian football tournament that will be televised.
Sany Supra, founder & CEO of IPLSOCCER states: "It is with great excitement that we welcome Bollywood star Neha Sharma to the Birmingham side, alongside H Dhami, Bambi Bains and Juggy D as the celebrity co-owners of the Birmingham Challengers team. Don’t miss out on catching them and their team at the UK tournament this June.”
Blu Blood Global are industry leaders who continue to build a competitive and innovative lifestyle, leisure and entertainment empire across Africa and the Middle East. With experience in marketing, communications, hospitality and logisitics, Blu Blood have been at the forefront of many successful campaigns from co-ordinating high-end product launches to hosting the cream of the crop of Bollywood and International Comedy stars.
“Entertainment has always been Blu Blood’s key focus but at the end of the day, the core of our business is about people! I have always had a keen interest in expanding our empire into the sporting sphere and more than being an addition to our brand, this is also a fantastic opportunity to represent South Africa on a global platform. Being a part of a tournament of this magnitude is very exciting and we look to the experience,” comments Blu Blood Managing Director and co-owner of the Birmingham Challengers, Osman Osman.
The IPLSOCCER has gained not only nationwide, but global support, following its launch with Ambassador and former footballing legend, Michael Owen. Michael speaks on the opportunity of bringing further Asian talents to the forefront through IPLSOCCER: “A great opportunity for anybody to showcase their talents, initiatives like IPLSOCCER will certainly assist.”


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