Concern Mounting over 4th Avenue Sinkhole

Concern Mounting over 4th Avenue Sinkhole

Concern mounting over 4th Avenue sinkhole.

There has been growing concern regarding the sinkhole in 4th Avenue, Laudium.

It appears that sinkhole, which first appeared 6 months ago, is spreading.

This has alarmed residents and business owners in the area. There has been an increase in the possibility that this will directly affect business and residential property in the vicinity.

The City of Tshwane has responded to concerns raised with Councillor Essop by property owners by announcing that they will be implementing measures to limit the effects of the sinkhole. This includes the moving of water supply in order to mitigate the risk of further damage. There are currently, however, no plans to fill the sinkhole.

This decision was taken after consultation with Debelo Masheshe, Centurion Town Council’s Regional Executive Director as well as the sinkhole department.

Centurion has recently been plagued with sinkholes. The estimated cost of repairing sinkholes within the Centurion area is estimated to be approximately R 60m.

The City of Tshwane has made R 25 million available from its operational budget to repair a sinkhole in Jean Avenue, Centurion. This is the highest amount to repair a single sinkhole.

The Jean Avenue sinkhole has been a major cause of disruption to business and traffic in the surrounding area and has resulted in numerous traffic accidents.

Other sinkholes include a sinkhole in Clubview which potentially affects approximately 900 households, a sinkhole in 2nd Avenue in Laudium and another on the corner of Eli and Bodenstein streets in Erasmia. The estimated cost of repairing the 2nd Avenue sinkhole is approximately R 15 million.

According to Tshwane mayoral committee for corporate shared services’ Cilliers Brink, there are currently 24 sinkholes in the Greater Tshwane region spread across Centurion, Laudium and Olivenhoutbosch.

A large part of Centurion and Laudium includes dolomitic soil which is predisposed to collapse when coming into contact with large concentrations of acidic water.

According to Cilliers, the biggest cost in repairing sinkholes includes the relocation and reinstatement of service infrastructure that accompanies such geomorphological disruption.

*The latest development on the 4th Avenue sinkhole – Following yesterdays meeting with the City of Tshwane, work has resumed this morning and measures have been implemented.

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