Gauteng North Schools Tennis colours awarded to Vally brothers

Gauteng North Schools Tennis colours awarded to Vally brothers

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For the third consecutive year, brothers Mohammad Amaan and Aadil Vally have been awarded Gauteng North schools tennis colours. Traditionally various regions congregate in Bloemfontein to partake in the inter provincial tournament.  However due to covid, this year's format had been ammended to playing Gauteng Central. 

The Vally Brothers will have a busy few weeks ahead of them with tournaments being played in Durban and Bloemfontein. They just came out of a tournament in Polokwane this weekend where Aadil won the boys under 14 section and Mohammad Amaan came out 3rd playing as a 15 year old amongst the men’s open section.

Aadil has been awarded an extra accolade by being selected amongst 32 other players to partake in junior South African championships boys under 14.

Taking after their grandfather Ismail, father Ridwan and Uncle Shaheen, the two tennis stars are well on their way of reaching their dream to be champions.


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