Lack of visible policing blamed for escalating crime in Laudium CBD

Lack of visible policing blamed for escalating crime in Laudium CBD

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Laudium residents are being urged to remain vigilant in the Laudium CBD following numerous reports of vehicles being broken into and groceries and other contents being stolen. 

In an incident outside FNB, a resident who had purchased a number of food hampers for needy families had her car broken into and all the hampers and other belongings stolen. In a separate incident,  another resident discovered that her monthly groceries have been stolen when she returned to her vehicle which was parked outside Mohideens in 6th avenue. 

Laudium Today has received numerous reports of vagrants preying on unsuspecting residents outside FNB, in the area surrounding OK at the Laudium Plaza as well as in the vicinity of the post office. 

Allegations have also surfaced of vagrants harassing motorists, particularly females. 

According to members of the community, the lack of police patrols and visibility in the area is a major contributing factor in the spike in crime affecting residents. 

Members of the community are being urged to take the necessary precautions to protect their possessions and to report all these incidents to the local police. 

Residents are once again being urged not to give beggars and other vagrants any money,  food or other items.

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