Laudium Parkrun Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Laudium Parkrun Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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When Laudium Parkrun was launched in October 2014, little did we know that our local Parkrun would generate so much interest in the sport of running within our community. Events Director and RunXtreme founder, Haseena Azmuth, says it all started from humble beginnings. Laudium Parkrun has grown to 249 events since its inception, and is now firmly established as one of the popular Parkruns in the Pretoria area. The Parkrun averages around 97 participants each week, with its highest turnout being 233 runners. Statistics aside, it is impossible to measure the human element of Parkrun.

The growth of parkrun, and the growing popularity of running more generally, has come at a time of increasing focus on the importance of exercise in tackling obesity, sedentary lifestyles and even mental ill health. It is so inclusive – there are adults running with kids; there’s much older people; there are people running with dogs on leads. You’re running against yourself rather than other people. It’s totally different from just going out for a run on your own; there’s an extra level of motivation.

Parkrun has shown how amazing human beings can be when they strive to help each other. This is displayed by the selfless spirit of the volunteers who wake up extra early each Saturday morning to ensure everyone enjoys their parkrun. 

To join a Parkrun, all you need to do is register online at, print out the barcode and then turn up


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