Local residents killed in horrific car crash

Local residents killed in horrific car crash

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Two Laudium residents have been fatally wounded and three others injured during a car crash on the R55 at the intersection with Wierda road.

The crash, involving a truck and two passenger vehicles, occurred shortly after 14:15 on Friday afternoon.

On arrival, paramedics discovered that two of the victims had already succumbed to their injuries, while a 12 year- old passenger had sustained critical injuries and a further two passengers moderately injured.

The jaws of life was required to extricate the injured as well as the bodies of the deceased from the mangled wreck.

The critically injured passenger was stabilised on scene prior to being airlifted to a specialised trauma facility in Johannesburg for further care. Two other victims were also transported by ambulance to a nearby medical facility for further treatment.

Motorists have been advised to avoid the intersection as police accident unit members conduct their investigations

The circumstances surrounding this crash are unclear and will form part of the investigation.

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