Local Runners participate in Chamberlain Capital Classic

Local Runners participate in Chamberlain Capital Classic

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Pictured : Jacaranda Athletes of the year Leila Gani, Daniel Barnard, Charne Bosman and Mo Mookadam at the start this morning

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Over 35 Jacaranda Athletic Club members took to the streets of Pretoria this morning participating in the Chamberlain Capital Classic half marathon and 10 km race held in Lynwood.

The race was hosted by the Phobians running club “a sister club of JAC“. The purple army complimented the blooms of the Jacaranda trees in the Pretoria suburb. 

Several new members to the Jacaranda club were excited and enjoyed the comradery by fellow JAC members. 

Runners were motivated and inspired by the Comrades 2020 launch a few days ago and multiple Gold medalist Charne Bosman was on hand to mingle with them and encourage them to be part of the worlds toughest race.


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