Praise for Visually Impaired Laylaa-Shiyaam Jacobs of Sutherland High

Praise for Visually Impaired Laylaa-Shiyaam Jacobs of Sutherland High

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The Sutherland High School Red Blazer Assembly was held on 3 December 2019 where the grade 11’s of 2019 were issued with their much anticipated Red Blazers.

The Red Blazer is awarded to learners who complete the Leadership Development Programme that is run by the School of Leadership, managed by Deputy Principal, Mr Anton Venter.

Learners participate in activities that contribute to developing their leadership abilities and personal growth. Sutherland High were proud to announce that 100 learners completed this challenging 
programme which includes mentoring learners, completing hikes and assisting with outreach events over a period of 4 years.

Special mention must be made of Laylaa-Shiyaam Jacobs. Laylaa was born blind and completed every activity, hike and academy required to obtain the Red Blazer. Laylaa also participates in gymnastics and plans to take up photography as a hobby, making use of the technology available for persons with visual disabilities.

"We are in awe of her tenacity and ability to overcome any challenge she is faced with. We are incredibly proud of all our Red Blazer recipients and wish them well for their grade 12 year ahead."

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