Protest at French Embassy organized by Lajpaal Foundation

Protest at French Embassy organized by Lajpaal Foundation

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Due to the recent behavior by the French government, who have not condemned the dispicable cartoons of Prophet Muhammed (Sallallahu alaihi wassallam) and have been violent to Muslims throughout France, the Pretoria Muslim community held a Protest at the French Embassy in Pretoria (19th November). The Protest was organized by the Lajpaal Foundation and other Muslim organisations. A memorandum was handed over to the Embassy which will be delivered to the French Government. Abdul Kadir KK from Al-Ghazali College conducted the event with senior Ulama Molana Ahmed Mukaddam and Molana Safraz of Darul uloom Pta being the speakers at the event. People came from as far as Lenasia, Venda and Johannesburg for the Protest. Organizer Ashraf Moosa ensured a peaceful protest and mentioned that a dialogue has been accepted by the French Embassy who are willing to meet with the Pretoria leaders to hear their grievances.



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