PSG Lift Kit Kat Super Cup Trophy

PSG Lift Kit Kat Super Cup Trophy

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The 2019 Kit Kat Super Cup Final was the final match of the 2019–20 Kit Kat Super Cup and the 1st final of the Kit Kat Super Cup. It was played at Al Asr School in Claudius, Gauteng on the 3rd of December 2019 between Paris Saint-Germain and Los Blancos. Paris Saint-Germain ran out as winners against Los Blancos in a topsy turvy encounter.

Paris Saint-Germain also earned the right to play the 2019–20 Kit Kat Super League champions or the runners up of the Kit Kat Super League if they do become champions in the league for the 2020 Kit Kat Community Shield which will be held in June 2020

The teams had met three times in all competitions before the Kit Kat Super Cup Final with Paris Saint-Germain winning 2 out of the 3 and 1 draw. 

On the 2nd of December 2019, it was announced that Talha Farouk Valjee who has over 100 games of experience in the Kit Kat Super League would officiate the match. The trophy was presented by Zain Hoorzook to the winning captain.


Paris Saint-Germain 

Round 1: Raider 5 - 6 Paris Saint-Germain.

Paris Saint-Germain entered in the first round of the Kit Kat Super Cup against Raiders on 29th of July 2019 at Claudius, which ended with a close 5-6 win for Paris Saint-Germain with 2 goals from Keagan Pillay and 1 goal each from Sagran Naidoo, Bradley Dikgole, Keenan Pillay, and Leylan Aurakeasamy.

Quarter-finals: Paris Saint-Germain 4 - 2 Palestine United FC.

In the quarter finals they met Palestine United FC and won 4 - 2 with 2 goals from Sagran Naidoo and 1 goal a piece from Keenan Pillay and Keagan Pillay.

Semi-finals: Paris Saint-Germain 5 - 2 7 Aces.

In the semi finals they met the champions of the Laudium Indoor League 2018/19 season 7 Aces in the semi final where 3 goals from Keagan Pillay , 1 goal from Robyn Swartz and an own goal by 7 Aces player Yaseen Moosa was enough to progress to the first ever final of the Kit Kat Super Cup.

Los Blancos

Round 1: FC Fusion 7 - 12 Los Blancos 

Los Blancos also entered in the first round of the Kit Kat Super Cup against FC Fusion 7 - 12 with 7 goals from Ashraf Omar Makwanya, 3 goals from Irshaad van Wyk and 2 from Zaakir Mahomed Ali.

Quarter-final: Bloodz 5 - 7 Los Blancos

Los Blancos were drawn to a tough opponent in the quarter-final against Bloodz won 7-5 in a very tight game with Ashraf Omar Makwanya scoring 3 goals, Yaseen Habib 2 goals and a goal a piece from Irshaad Van Wyk and Shezaad Ismail.

Semi-final: Kasi Flavor 3 - 4 Los Blancos 

Los Blancos were drawn to another tough opponent in Semi finals this time against Kasi Flavor. However they came out as winners as Raees Mukadem went home with a brace to his name with Yaaseen Habib and Irshaad Van Wyk getting a goal a piece as well.

Summary of the final

This was history after all, the completion of the first domestic cup, and yet something else felt more significant: that even a Kit Kat Super Cup final with all its supposed magical imponderables could fall so utterly under the dominance of Keenan Pillay's team.

For the first 35 minutes, iqraam Dawood"s team stayed in the classic edge-of-the-area as they took the lead early in the through Yaaseen Habib's goal. Los Blancos were on top form in the first 35 minutes as they managed to go ahead but not for long as Paris Saint-Germain turned up the heat as Robyn swartz managed to inspire the comeback as the first half ended 3 - 3 

Los Blancos seemed to be the stronger side in the first half but could not keep up with the momentum and pace of Paris Saint-Germain in the second half. Los Blancos barely held possession of the ball as Paris Saint-Germain passing was phenomenal. Perhaps the idea of this Paris Saint-Germain team, a side so 
hard to disrupt, has loomed too large the 
minds of their opponents this season that the notion of beating them is simply 
overwhelming. Robyn Swartz got his hands on the match ball he managed to score a hat-trick while Bradley Dikgole begged a brace. The final score was 7 - 5
Man of the match

Robyn Swartz of Paris Saint-Germain 


300 spectactors attended the Kit Kat Super Cup Final and were all treated to free wors rolls and a can of coke which was sponsored by the Kit Kat Group. Spectators received a ticket stub which was used to claim a free wors roll and coke and also used for the random draw for a Uefa Champions League official match ball. Farhaan Jaffer was the lucky winner of the random draw.

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