R55 crashes: Abramjee says it’s time to Act!

R55 crashes: Abramjee says it’s time to Act!

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Crashes on the R55 road between Laudium and the Wierda Road offramp in Centurion are a weekly occurrence. 

And now, community activist, Yusuf Abramjee, says “the time has come for law enforcement and motorists to stand up against those who disregard the rules of the road.”

Abramjee said he personally witnessed how a motorist in a grey Mercedes Benz went into the emergency lane at “very high speed, drove through the red traffic light, and almost crashed into other cars late yesterday.”

Abramjee said he luckily got the registration number and reported it to police. “Perhaps we need a private prosecution to teach these people a lesson once and for all.”

He said “we cannot sit back any longer and watch the blood continuing to flow on the roads.”

“The speed limit is 80km/h. Let’s respect that. There was some criticism at the time when the Gauteng Traffic Police “high speed unit” was deployed.

“Well, I am engaging the Dept of Community Safety to increase patrols. Drive over 120km/h and get locked up. Don’t cry!!” he warned. 

Abramjee told Laudium Today he will also ask Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula, to intervene and consider getting the RTMC to patrol the road.

The TMPD often takes up position. Abramjee said some motorists refuse to stop and drive-away. “Here again, we need to stop the disregard for the law. When you get arrested, don’t complain.”

He said TMPD officers were often accused of taking bribes. “Don’t pay! If you do, you are complacent. Take the ticket and go to the nearest police station and charge the crooked cops. Even if a metro cop asks for lunch, report it.”

Abramjee said he did not believe that traffic calming measures on the R55 was a solution. “This was cause traffic nightmares. All we need is motorists to obey the rules of the road.”


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