Reunited after 25 years

Reunited after 25 years

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The long anticipated wait for the classmates of LAUDIUM SECONDARYS MATRIC 94, finally took place on Saturday 31 August, where friends reunited after graduating 25 years ago, in a night of laughter, sweet nostalgia, excitement, good food, great memories and loads of fun! 

To mark this momentous occasion they held a High School reunion where they were able to catch up, and took honour in celebrating their late Principle Mr Moosa(Brampie), vice principal late Mr Ebrahim (Buff), their teachers and fellow peers who walked this journey with them 25 years later. 

The night was magical in every way, and students who are now parents, lost themselves in the beautiful memories of their teenage years. A special tribute to those who are late, who were once part of them, added an emotional feel to the evening, and left most in tears as they regaled each other with stories that are forever etched in their hearts.

Love, prayers & deep appreciation and gratitude goes out to the organizers for orchestrating a night of splendour and joy. 
Everything from the food, decor, thoughtful gifts and treasured moments added to the ambience of the evening. It was truly nothing short of perfect. 

Spending time with old friends, and taking in the sheer wonder of how life changes for us all as we brave different paths and journeys , each with our own challenges, left us in awe of each other. 
The bond we felt that night was a reminder that no matter where life takes us, it’s good to know we have these memories to cherish.

By Shanaaz Dockrat Ayob



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