RunXtreme athletes take on The Golden Gate Challenge

RunXtreme athletes take on The Golden Gate Challenge

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RunXtreme's Haseena Azmuth and Amina Mohamed participated in The Golden Gate Challenge this past weekend. 

The challenge is a three-day trail run through the majestic and scenic mountains of the Free State, situated in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. The trail traverses through some of the most rugged and scenic sections of the mountains in the park, including sections of the park that are generally restricted, like the Little Serengeti, Cathedral Caves, Ribbok Trail, and Brandwag Mountain. Participants stay in tented camps for the duration of the challenge and will cover up to 70km over the 3 days. 

“It was super tough and one should not judge the race by its distances. But this is what makes the event so special.” said Amina.  

Haseena has completed several marathons and ultras, as well as a number of multi-stage trail races previously was ecstatic as she crossed the finish line on Day 3 of the challenge. “This challenge is not to be underestimated as it means conquering the rugged mountain terrain at high altitudes.” She added, “It's a true mental and physical challenge, but with great reward as you explore the mountains and valleys of this park.” 

Both these ladies just recently returned from summiting Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia. We salute the accomplishments of these ladies as they continue to break barriers. You are indeed unstoppable. 

The Golden Gate Challenge offers trail runners and adventurers a high-quality trail experience,  exposing you to some of South Africa’s most scenic and unexplored natural heritage. The event also contributes towards the necessary conservation efforts of the endangered Bearded Vulture which is native to this area. This challenge is a definite bucket list event for any trail runner wanting to test the extremes of the mountainous terrain and altitude.


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