Senior Citizens: Awareness & Education on all things Health

Senior Citizens: Awareness & Education on all things Health

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On Saturday, 14 September 2019, health professionals from the “Medical Suites on 18th” in Laudium, participated in a group activity with the Senior Citizens (kokni). The event took place at the Memon Foundation Hall, Laudium. 


The main aim was to create awareness regarding the various health professions and how each can help the retired/elderly in the community.


The Senior Citizens (Kokni) hosts once a month gatherings of various activities & talks. There are 110-120 members and 8 committee members, who have dedicated their time to supporting this group for better social well-being! 


Talks were hosted by:

Dr Nazmeera Noor Mahomed - chiropractor- she explained what Chiropractic entails and the various conditions treatable.


Asma Omar & Asirah Ahmed - Physiotherapists- a team of two physiotherapists emphasized the importance of keeping active during the retired years. They also executed an exercise class with the group, and was most enjoyable. Walking daily for 10-20minutes improves balance, coordination, muscle strength, motor control & mental well-being! 


Azeemah Mohamed - Audiologist & speech Therapist- spoke about hearing loss and the social impact it has in the elderly population. The most interesting statistic, she informed the group about, is that loss of hearing can affect mental well-being; meaning there is an increased risk of Dementia with hearing loss. 


Susan Tredoux - dietician passionate about all things related to food! 

She emphasized the importance of eating proper food to fuel the body, thereby having adequate energy to function physically and mentally! 


Dr Zuleika Ahmed - PhD in Psychology- spoke about Depression, Anxiety and the impact on wellbeing. Excellent tips were given relating to the elderly population. Eat “happy snacks” I.e. chocolates (in moderation of course), speak to family & friends about your problems, social get togethers and doing activities which excite the mind such as knitting, taking a walk, art and crafts, are some examples. 


Aadilah Pretorius- grace state therapist & life coaching - relaxation methods emphasized by this therapist to calm the body. A meditation session was done with the group.


“The Medical Suites on 18th” professionals are dedicated to giving the community the best  service possible, starting with EDUCATION & AWARENESS. 


“It was a most joyous day to be a part of, seeing the smiles on each and every face;  knowing that we can help the members of the community. We thank you to the committee for allowing us to convey our knowledge to these members. We hope to continue this work each and every day throughout the community” -


By Asma Omar



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