Six Jacaranda Athletes Complete The Otter African Trail Run

Six Jacaranda Athletes Complete The Otter African Trail Run

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One of the world's top trails, each year The Otter African Trail Run in the Southern Cape takes place in an alternating direction. Otter is a two day trail running event featuring one of the best trail runs on planet earth includes a 4-6 km Prologue Route on the 1st day and the feature 42km traverse of the Otter Trail on the 2nd day. This year, was from East to West, starting at Storms River Mouth Rest Camp and finishing at Natures Valley.

The trail traverses a spectacular landscape, never straying far from the shoreline, but often climbing steeply before descending to a beach or river crossing. Iconic features such as rocky shores, sandy beaches, waterfalls, seaside cliffs, ancient forests, protea-studded fynbos on cliff-tops, surging rivers and the swim across the Bloukrans River are images and experiences likely to remain with the athletes forever.

The Prologue is a race in its own right, offering significant interest the day before the Otter African Trail 42km marathon, but is essentially a vehicle to determine the starting order, with several of the lead athletes holding back in anticipation of the next day’s marathon.

The fastest 24 men and 16 women from the Prologue form the “Abangeni” – the lead “warriors” who start from scratch and from whom the podium finishers will come, with the majority of the favoured candidates opting for early morning run-outs on the Prologue course.

Jacaranda Athletic Club's Abdullah Hoosen came out in second place in the Prologue and 13th position in the overall marathon. Ismail Ebrahim  “Isco” came out in 3rd place in the Masters age Category in the Prologue course.

This is Ismail Randeree's debut marathon, he is so overwhelmed that he is now keen on taking on the Comrades Marathon next year. 

"It was remarkable to see Cassim Kharbai make a strong come back after some injury setbacks, he has 20 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons and 17 Comrades under his belt."

The route has 4 river crossings, including the infamous Bloukrans River which involves a swim. There's 2600 meters of elevation gain, steep enough to force the strongest runners to walk.


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