Three killed in Erasmia crash

Three killed in Erasmia crash

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Three people have been killed in a motor vehicle crash on the M26 road outside Erasmia. 

The crash occurred shortly after 17:30 on Saturday afternoon. 

According to Safe-T-Med Africa spokesman, Vivek Bhima, members of Laudium Disaster Management, Safe-T-Med Africa and Netcare 911 were called to a head-on collision involving a Opel Corsa and Toyota Corolla sedan. 

On arrival, the paramedics assessed the victim's and found that three victims had already succumbed to their injuries. They were declared deceased by paramedics. 

The jaws of life was was required to remove the bodies of the deceased from the mangled wreckage. 

The road is expected to remain closed as police investigators complete their investigations into the crash. 

The exact circumstances surrounding the incident is yet to be determined.


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