Tribute to Maganlal Ramjee(uncle Mags)

14 January 2021   •   ~1 min read

By Laudium Old Boys

It is said that the inhabitants of Earth are vicegerants and bear testimony to the character of fellow beings. For every praise uttered in favour of a person with good character, it is like a dua(prayer) being said in his favour.

When we think of uncle Mags, the same thread of sentiment is evident. A humble, respectful man with impeccable character who was compassionate and considerate.

He was a father figure to all who knew him and was loved by both young and old alike. He was revered for his disposition and had an uncanny way of putting all arguments to rest on the field. He was charming yet so modest. He was level headed yet so passionate about life. He had a love of soccer and was committed to displaying the best sportsmanship always.

He will be sorely missed, will be remembered in our prayers and will fondly be spoken of as a legacy.

It was an honour to have known him, a privilege to have called him a brother and father, a blessing to humanity.

Rest in peace uncle Mags

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