Tribute to the Late Dr Mahomed Moosa Kara

Tribute to the Late Dr Mahomed Moosa Kara

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Tribute to Dr Mahomed Moosa Kara Mahomed.

Mahomed, (aka) Mamadie, was the second youngest of 13 children. His father, Moosa Kara, came to SA from India, in the turn of the century as a child and settled in Marabastad. His dream was to get his younger children educated. Mahomed, a pupil of the Pretoria Indian High school, in a bid to fulfill his father’s dream, went to Dublin due to apartheid, to join his older brothers and sister Jubie, where he got admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, and qualified as a doctor. Always inclined towards sports and the importance of fitness for the body and soul, Mahomed upon his return, joined the Magnolia Running club where he established comradery with fellow runners, like Haroon Abramjee, Ashraf Theba, Fallie and Haffie, among others.

After moving to Mayfair, where he started his medical practice, Mahomed continued his passion for road running and joined a Jo’burg club. Considered a veteran Comrades runner, having completed 22 races, he was forced not to complete his 23rd race due to his legs suddenly packing up. His running career came to a halt, when shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He stated that not being able to run left a void as he met many friends during the race and experienced a sense of comradery with fellow runners. He however continued to motivate people to stay fit and run his practice despite his chronic ill-health. 

He unfortunately sustained an injury to his skull after a fall during a walk-about in Istanbul during a visit to Turkey with his wife and eldest daughter. He was subsequently hospitalized for 5 weeks after undergoing brain surgery. Thereafter, the family made a concerted effort through their own arrangements to reconcile him with his family in S.A when he stabilized sufficiently to travel. But their hopes were dashed due to the Corona Virus outbreak and subsequent lockdown, with no flights leaving Turkey. 

Mahomed finally succumbed to his illness on the night of Monday 6th April. His youngest sister Feroza, a social worker, said, the family were devastated and traumatized by this event but came to terms with him being buried in Istanbul. However, the concern was that his wife and daughter would continue to be stranded after his burial, and Mahomed loving his family as he did would not have wanted them to suffer in any way.

His nephews of Oasis Asset Management C.T, therefore undertook non-stop and intense negotiations with the SA and Turkish authorities to get his body home. To the immense relief of the family the Turkish government agreed to provide a cargo plane and working hand-in -hand with S.A authorities. His body, together with his wife and daughter were returned to S.A. Mahomed was buried at the West Park Cemetery on Thursday 9th April. 

The family cannot thank the parties enough for making this possible.

Mahomed leaves behind 3 daughters, Aaliyah, an anesthetist, Raeesa, a doctor and registrar and Fatima, a Wits student. 

Not being part of the Magnolia Running Club, has not made his running mates forget him. They pay tribute to him as having been a forthright person, who was not afraid to express his views, be it on political, religious or health matters.  According to Haroon Abramjee, his team will certainly remember him with great fondness.

By Jacaranda Athletic Club

Dr Mahomed Moosa Kara’s (Mamadie) running roots have graciously shared the platforms with legendary Haffie, Fallie, MAC Gafoor and Ashraf Theba. He ran 20 consecutive comrades from 1987-2006 and managed to complete another 2 comrades races in 2008 and 2009, bringing his tally to 22 comrades marathons.

Cassim Kharbai & Haroon Abramjee were grateful to have run comrades with Mamedie and share in his impressive running career.

Attached is Mamdie pictured receiving his doubling green number 11773 that shows him being acknowledged for completing his 20th comrades marathon.

Mamedie is fondly remembered for his unwavering desire to keep coming back and running great  times in all the big events. 

Pray that the Almighty grant his family and loved ones sabr and grant him Jannatul Firdows.

Photo Credit : Jetline Action Photo



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