Update Safura Ismail Saint Leukemia Warrior

Update Safura Ismail Saint Leukemia Warrior

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About six weeks ago Safura picked up a fungal infection (Mucormycosis). Doctors immediately started her on antibiotics(Ambisome) , unfortunately the damage to her left eye where the infection was concentrated resulted in her loosing the vision in the eye.
Until the fungal infection is not completely cleared Safura will not be able to undergo the bone marrow transplant.  She has a feeding bag to provide nutrition to her body as she cannot keep any food in and she still has two weeks of antibiotic treatment left.
The doctors have started her on Vidaza, medication that kills cancer cells and stops cells from splitting. This will also make her stronger.
If the transplant is carried out and the fungal infection has not been properly treated it could affect the new cells from the bone marrow.
For now it's all a process. 
1. Clear the fungal infection
2. Administer Vidaza to keep her in remission.
3. Recover
4. Bone marrow transplant. 

We as a family do not question the test we receive from the almighty, we have taken this as time given to us in order to reach the goal amount for the bone marrow transplant. 
Our financial goal to administer the bone marrow is in sight a few more fundraising, sponsor or donation will enhance us to achieve our goals.

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